Frequently Asked Questions

Online Store Setup Questions

This will depend entirely on your requirements, but will require a minimum of 2 weeks.

Installation time may vary according to needs such as choosing the appropriate Shopify theme, changes to the theme, graphic design needs and social media integrations. In addition, the availability of the content to be used on the site and the defined customer experience processes will shorten the time.


By adding an application to your store, you can also start doing wholesale. In this way, you can define different pricing and different discounts for your wholesale customers. The wholesale app has a separate monthly subscription fee, depending on features requested.

Once the store setup is complete and you've approved, we'll provide you with Shopify training before launching the store. We will take your store live after the training.

For 10 days after the store's launch, we will continue to provide support for both the store and the application related to your store operation (such as adding products, managing orders, adding customers, creating a discount code).

After 10 days our support will continue in case of problems, when you want to add a new feature to your store or when a change is required in the store structure.

The setup fee is one time and will be determined according to your needs. Half of the setup fee is paid at the beginning of the project, and the remaining half is paid at the delivery of the project.

Shopify, on the other hand, is paid a monthly subscription fee and a commission based on monthly sales turnover. The most suitable package is selected according to the volume of your sales.

Click for setup fee and Shopify's subscription options and fees.

If an application is also used for your store needs (eg wholesale), applications may also have monthly fees..

Click for setup options and features.

Online Store Migration Questions

In order to decide on the answer to this question, your needs should be examined in detail. An analysis can be made and a decision can be made by considering site performance, customer experience, visual improvement needs, 3rd party application integrations & costs.

This will depend entirely on current store content and your needs but will require a minimum of 2 weeks.

The number of products in your current store, the number of customers, required application integrations and design needs play an active role in determining the duration.


Since your new store will be in a separate place on the Shopify platform, there will be no interruptions. There may only be a very short interruption when connecting your domain address to the new store, but this will be too short for your customers to notice unless there is an extra problem.

Whenever you want.

However, when determining the timing, it is useful to look at criteria such as your product variety, traffic density in your store and customer behavior.

If your current platform allows you to export customer and product information, we can migrate customer and product information to your store in Shopify without loss.

In addition, all pages and images in your current store can be transferred to your new store without loss..

We just can't move past orders from your current store to your new store in Shopify. However, an order record can be created manually for the orders that have not been closed yet that you need to follow.