We do not just build websites...

We want your brand to use the best infrastructure online, to provide the best experience to your customers with our web applications, and to manage efficiency and costs well with our process suggestions

That's why, we at Digit&All

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provide custom solutions for your brand

We build your online store custom-made, boutique work, so you don't get stuck with the limits on ready-made packages and themes.

Let's set up your online store on Shopify and bring your products to your potential customers all over the world! If you have an existing online store, let's move your business to the top of the competition by moving it to Shopify without any interruptions or data loss.

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develop web apps

We develop web applications that work with your online store for customer experience, marketplace integration, crm and stock management.

In case you have more than one sales channel, we can develop applications where you can manage stock from a single place, integrate with marketplaces such as Trendyol, manage CRM and provide rewards programme to improve customer experience. And all web apps work in integration with your online store.

focus on customer experience

focus on customer experience

With our customer experience and process management experience ofmore than 20 years, we make process improvement suggestions when necessary and develop accordingly.

Shopify'ı tercih ediyoruz

prefer Shopify

Because we want you to easily manage your online store after we build it.

We set up your online store on Shopify, which is the choice of more than 1.7 million brands in 175 countries.

With the Shopify admin panel, it is very easy to manage products, customers, orders and stores from anywhere at any time. In addition, with the Shopify App Store, which includes more than 6,000 applications, we can add new features to your store in a very short time.